Dr Lisa is amazing! I’ve been seeing her for two years now and highly recommend her to everyone! She is always able to locate my pain/problem and provide immediate relief and progress to a full heal. Just a few weeks ago I was in barely being able to walk, I can’t remember the last time I was in that much pain. After one visit I noticed immediate relief, even my coworkers noticed I was walking a lot “quicker” after I returned from my appointment. She is also always great to chat with during your appointment. Always enjoy going to see you Dr Lisa thank you! Also the woman at the front desk (sorry I forgot your name) is lovely and always welcoming.

– Melissa W.

Dr. Lisa is amazing! She always goes that extra step with a little traction and freezing cream when needed! She truly cares about how you are feeling and what you are comfortable with. Also never judges or questions if you miss a few appointments or long time frame without coming in. Always there for you but never pushy, which I really appreciate.
My partner sees Dr. Terry and has recently said it doesn’t feel like an appointment but just popping in to chat with Terry! He will work with you and try different techniques until you actually feel the difference in your body. Very important for people who are in tune with their pain.
These are modern, down to earth people who are a pleasure to see. Their office is a comfortable setting, always clean, and everyone is welcoming and friendly. The knowledge and expertise they have compliments each other very well and they will work together to do the best treatment for you.

– Heather S.

Dr. Lisa is great! Super friendly and informative, helped me feel great again

– Xena M.

The Chiropractors at River North Family Chiropractic are amazing. Dr. Terry goes out of his way to ensure his patients are well cared for, he even knows from watching you walk in to the clinic what needs adjusting! You are NOT treated like a number and not all adjustments are the same. They truly care and each visit is personable and professional. I will continue to return along with my family. I wouldn’t hesitate to HIGHLY recommend River North Family Chiropractic.

– Jody P.

We wanted MORE then just the basic snap crackle pop and come back and see me in two weeks like most of the other chiropractors. We came to see Dr. Terry and Dr. Lisa and they are the real deal. The “deluxe service” each time we go for a adjustment is through and exact to what we are needing at the time. NO assembly line service here. You really feel the difference and life is more enjoyable without the pain!

– Rudolf L.

Dr. Lisa is always a pleasure to visit. She identifies the issue quickly and develops a diligent plan to ensure recovery! I’ve come in couple of times completely out of sorts with my back and within a few sessions, I’m able to get back to normal with Dr.Lisa’s help. She is friendly, professional, and a wonderful chiropractor. I strongly recommend you give her a visit and get aligned (your back and spirits).

– Olga P.

I came to this location on the advise of friends and it has been the very best chiropractic experience I have ever had.
I have a reocuring hip issue and I thought I would have to live with the pain for the remainder of my life.
Terry identified that issue and others, and has been able to correct them. I would go in, barely able to walk, and leave like a brand new person, no issues at all. He worked with me to develop a plan to reduce the amount of times my hip would require correction.
They have also been amazing at seeing me immediately when I put out my back carrying a desk.
Between occasional corrections and a stretching program they put me on, I function like I’m 30 years younger again. They gave me my quality of life back. I can’t thank them enough!!!

– CJ W.

I see Terry regularly for past car accident injuries and work related ones too. He’s very knowledgeable, kind, comforting and gentle. I’ve never had a bad experience and always leave feeling waaaayyy better than I showed up feeling. I would 10/10 recommend him for any of your chiropractic needs. The reception is also always very helpful and kind. Atmosphere is clean and inviting.

– Monika I.

Dr Terry takes care of my entire family (my husband, myself and our nine children ages 1 year to 19 years old). His friendly easy going personality and the way he carefully explains things made the youngest children to the oldest much more comfortable. He is excellent

– Abbie R.